Happy Spring!

whats up peeps! Hope everyone is having a beautiful spring. Enjoy this video I made :)

Episode 27! Building a New Computer!

Hey Ya’ll! Hope you are well. Here is a new video I made about my new computer I built. Its awesssomeee.

New Videos! Discovery Channel Appearance Soon!

Hey everyone I have a bunch of new videos that I made. I will also be appearing on the discovery channel in a show called “My Dirty Little Secret” which will start airing on January 29th. I will appear in episode 6.


Episode 23! Eating a Paw Paw fruit!

Whats up everyone! I haven’t posted here in a while but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been doing anything. I hope you enjoy this video. I’ll be making a few more over the winter. thank you for watching!

Episode 21! Eating a Mochi!

I eat a mochi! A Japanese rice cake!