Hi! Im Ben!

I made this web site for many reasons. It started out just as a blog on blogger to write a diary while I was studying abroad for friends and family to see what I was up to. It was also a good journal for me.

I am an artist.  I am a professional actor primarily and I do professional photography and music as well.  I am also a videographer making videos for myself and small businesses.  I have a 20 year plan to produce and create lots of things and I hope you will join me on that journey together!

I also post in a blog about my journey to sustainability here:  www.myjourneytosustainability.com Check it out!

Thank you for reading this. Enjoy my site!

Ben Hudson

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  • Rhona says:

    Hi Ben,
    I hope you have a wonderful exciting time in Senegal, and I will look forward to reading about what you are doing. I hope you filled in an absentee ballot before you took off. It is a very exciting and nail-biting time politically.
    Have fun and great new experiences,

  • Gil Cass says:

    Ben! Jason L. turned me on to your site. It is terrific, and so, it is clear, are you. I will explore the site more thoroughly in the next days and share it with some of the JJ staff who may not have seen it. Ben, I know you are into lots of stuff, but, ACT, Ben, ACT. You are a natural and I am glad to hear you indicate that acting is a clear form of expression for you. You’re a natural actor. I recently saw Emma Galvin in a piece off-off b’way, and she has just joined a troupe doing “Our Town” in Manhattan. I will go to see that soon. She is reprising the role of George’s sister that she interpreted so elegantly years back. A pleasure to read all this and learn about the maple syrup. Blessings on you.

  • Clay says:

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