Episode 21! Eating a Mochi!

I eat a mochi! A Japanese rice cake!

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  • McFlono says:

    Hey, Angie! Mine was fat-free. I tried to check the specificity of deltias from the packaging of the yogurt tub. The percentage of fat wasn’t listed however. All I can say, for sure, is it was runnier than sour cream … at least for the sour cream that I’ve come across in my life so far.Due to our diet here, sour cream isn’t something we keep in hand in the fridge. So, I reckon the yogurt sold in Europe & the U.S. is way creamier, thicker than what we can normally get here. I’ve heard from other blogger friend that the yogurt sold in Beijing even comes with straws for people to drink on!I’m glad that you tried the cake out! Glad to know you love it! =D

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