New Videos! Discovery Channel Appearance Soon!

Hey everyone I have a bunch of new videos that I made. I will also be appearing on the discovery channel in a show called “My Dirty Little Secret” which will start airing on January 29th. I will appear in episode 6.


Making Maple Syrup with my Wood Stove!

I made maple syrup this year with my wood stove!  It was a lot of fun!


Paleo Diet Challenge! Part 4!

The conclusion to the Paleo Diet Series!



Hello Everyone! Been a while. I haven’t posted here in a while. I have been busy more with the new blog I posted called Check it out! I will post here much more periodically about things going on that Im up to in the future. Right now I am doing a few things: Im making maple syrup again! yay! So that’s keeping me occupied. I have been doing a few auditions which is good. I have started a new paleo diet for Ben Tries New Things which you can see below which will be a 3 or 4 part series I think. I’m going to be in a play during the early spring which will run a couple of weekends which I’m looking forward to working on. It is called “Amelia Earhart” where I’ll be playing the reporter.

Also check out the episode where I built my wood stove to make the syrup this year. It has been working great!